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Bad Boss, Bad Boss What ya’ gonna do, what ya’ gonna do when one hires you?

Many of us may find humor in this idiom, but how many of us have truly had a Bad Boss, or more than one for that matter?
A recent survey found that more than 31% of 1,000 people surveyed admit they have a bad boss. Let’s take a look at what most employees think constitutes a Bad Boss.
The following characteristics of Bad Bosses were taken from reader comments on Human Resources website.
1. Bad Bosses love brownnosers and tattletales. They choose favorites and cover up/ make excuses for the poor work of their incompetent favorites.
2. Bad Bosses fail to communicate and have no expectations, timelines or goals.
3. Bad Bosses use disciplinary measures inappropriately. They admonish employees in front of others.
4. Bad Bosses speak loudly, rudely or one-sidedly to staff. They bully and intimidate others.
5. Bad Bosses take credit for the successes of and positive accomplishments of their employees. In addition, they blame others for their mistakes.
6. Bad Bosses fail to provide rewards and recognition for positive employee performance.
7. ______________ (what example would you include on this list? Send it to me through the Better Bosses Blog)

Sound familiar?

Maybe you find yourself dealing with these types of bosses on a daily basis at work, which makes you groan, rollover and sigh when the morning wake-up alarm rings.
Perhaps you feel you were lied to in the job interview, your ideas aren’t taken seriously, or there’s no room for advancement in your present position.
Perhaps you are a boss or aspiring to become one, do you have a good role model on which to base your leadership philosophy?

Join us weekly for discussion via our Better Bosses Blog on topics relating to bosses and how you can aspire to work with one or become one.

Our topics will be based on our recently released book, “Become the Boss You Always Wanted.”

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