Off Track

This post is off track from the line we have been following but I think it is important. Hopefully it will help many of you get back on track…

I just finished reading about a study of facebook users that indicates a concern of mine is indeed true and growing. The basis of the study concluded that witnessing friends’ reports on their love lives and work success can create envy and trigger feelings of loneliness. The researchers apparently found that 1/3 of the 600 participants in the study felt WORSE after visiting the site and were more dissatisfied with their lives.

As your leader coach, it is my responsibility to help ensure you unlock your potential and live life to its fullest! If you fit the mold of the people in this study, here’s your post-flight evaluation:
1. Stop living vicariously and worrying about what others are doing; live your life.
2. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet; is it really so hard to believe lots of people embellish their stories?
3. Start determining your own dreams and then work to make them come true.

The solution is easy to express and maybe harder to achieve. We can help you with your professional life. Continue to follow this blog. Plus, read the 1st book in our 7 part leader development series, “Become the Boss You Always Wanted”. A huge benefit to followers of our “Living With the Consequences” series is the ability to become the boss of your life…

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