The 4 Primary Roles…

Welcome back to the Better Bosses Blog!

How would you rate the bosses you have had? How would others rate your “boss-ability”?

In my continual search to stay on top of the issues, I find numerous reports that outline a stark difference: most people in positions of authority (our “bosses”) believe they are eminently qualified and competent; but, those surveys also indicate most of us do not share that same sense of confidence in our boss.

This lack of understanding on the part of the boss leads to inefficient workers, minimal innovation, and low productivity.

Why are so many bosses “clueless” about their workers’ opinions? Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at our potential “boss-ability” and examine why there are so few “Better Bosses” out there.

Our intent is never to berate but to help you improve. If you are reading this you likely yearn to be a “Better Boss”, now or in the future. Perhaps you have been thrust into a position of authority with little training or experience and find yourself mired in the day-to-day operations. Or maybe you aspire to become the boss you always wanted and have decided that it’s time to begin the process.

Take a deep breath, slow down, remove any distractions, and let’s start at the beginning…

Realization #1: Becoming a “Better Boss” is a process. One you will likely refine throughout your entire working life. If you ever find yourself believing you have it all figured out, you have stopped growing. Never stop growing…

The first step is to understand the 4 primary roles bosses are required to “play”? Do you know what they are? We have developed an acronym to make it easier to remember and become a “Better Boss”: S.L.A.M.

Join the discussion. See if you can be the first to offer what we believe to be the 4 primary roles.

Until next time, use these words to help make today special: “All glory comes from daring to begin.” – Alexander Graham Bell