About Us

The KiVisions Story

At Ki Visions, we are dedicated to helping you and your people answer these questions:

  • 1. Do leaders make a difference? If so, how?
  • 2. What does it mean to be a leader?
  • 3. How do good people become great leaders?

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Why Us?

There are many companies that allude to their ability to provide leader development. They imply leader skills & competencies, regardless of level of responsibility, are the same. Many focus on what a leader is, not how to become one.

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What we do for you and your staff:

  • Help you make good decisions today; that will still be good decisions tomorrow.
  • Unlock your full potential.
  • Help you chart the pathways that lead to the full use of your unique talents.

About The President of Kivisions, Inc.

Ken Pasch

Ken with Steve Forbes
Meet our President, Ken Pasch, CHE, CLdrC – 20 years in the United States Air Force offered Ken lots of opportunities to earn his leadership ‘wings’. While on duty in Asia, Ken was exposed to a fascinating concept the people of Japan call ki (pronounced “key”) – a connection between all humans. Ken became so convinced in the relationship between ki and leadership he established Ki Visions to help people and organizations unlock their potential, achieve their goals and enjoy the journey.
Ken’s professional life includes:

  • Over 2 decades leading high quality healthcare organizations
  • A distinguished flying career in the US Air Force
  • Certified Healthcare Executive, American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Certified Leader Coach – CLdrC
  • 15+ years presiding over his consulting company
  • 15+ years teaching for the Smeal College of Business at The Pennsylvania State University
  • Host for “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!” the syndicated radio talk show which helps you learn to lead by example


Vision Statement

  • Vision without action = daydreaming
  • Action without vision = nightmares
  • Vision leading to action = your "Ki" to success!
  • Incorporating this mindset, our clients become the Employers of Choice.


  • "Incredible changes resulted from Ken's coaching!" -Jim B.
  • "Engaging speaker: gave me multiple tools I put to use right away." -Amelia M.
  • "...challenging, insightful, and practical." -Rafael R.
  • "I recommend KiVisions without reserve to others who are looking for a successful outcome to their motivational venue." -Mary C.