Soaring Leaders Academy™
The Ki Visions “boot camp” that allows talented operators to become Certified Leader Coaches – CLdrC.

Using our 7-part leader development series, “Living With the Consequences – Unlocking the 7 Doors to Leader Success”, the Soaring Leaders Academy™ helps good people not only become great leaders, but also coach others to greatness.

The typical training schedule requires (in this order) pre-work, a week of academics and practical exercises, at least 2 months of “field training”, and a culmination week of academics and exercises geared to ensure candidates are prepared to offer the “tough love” coaching required to ensure clients succeed.

Successful graduates will be awarded the coveted designation – Certified Leader Coach ™ – which will allow them to serve as coaches within their own organization or as private practitioners who open a Ki Visions franchise. Regardless of which method of engagement our candidates choose, the KiVisions headquarter’s staff will provide support and periodic updates to ensure our “coaches in the field” continue to provide the highest quality coaching to their clients.

PLUS, the best candidates in each session will be awarded special recognition for their acumen as they progress through the demanding process of achieving Certified Leader Coach status.

Our professional staff has confirmed their dedication to your growth by completing the rigorous and demanding Ki Visions Leader Coach Certification Process. Our guarantee: you will be impressed by our content, delivery methods, and demeanor.

Sorry, all Soaring Leader Academy™ slots are filled for this Fiscal Year. Please fill out this form to place your name in the queue for a future class.