Giving Back

Most people with whom we work have been incredibly blessed – not merely with talent, but with the opportunity to grow that talent and reap the rewards – both financial and from “a job well done sure feels good” mentality. There are others who have not had those same opportunities. Through some very good charities, these people are able to change their lives and become positive, productive citizens. Charity is a personal decision and we do not intend to “brow beat” people into feeling guilty enough to donate to one or more charities.

However, we at Ki Visions have our favorites and if you’re looking for a good cause, we would like to offer our number 1 choice:


Young People Who Care – is a grass roots ministry in which volunteers respond to the needs of people in Central Appalachia Pennsylvania. YPWC was founded as a response to the Pastoral Letter, This Land is Home to Me. “We commend, where they exist, and recommend where they do not, centers of popular culture… places where the poor feel welcome, spaces for people to come and share at all levels, so that if a new society is to be born, it will emerge from the grass roots.” Our frequent exposure to these fine people proves they espouse the “teach a person to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime” philosophy. We personally vouch for their sincerity and effectiveness.