Say YES to potential!

Frequently, well-meaning people see an issue or concern they believe must be fixed. They try to get others to follow their lead and become part of the solution. But, after a flurry of initial success, what was once a hot “buzzword” dies down and in many cases dies off. What is the common theme among those that are unsuccessful? They highlight the problem, not the solution. I could site a number of recent attempts that fit this idea, but something is urging me to deal with “Say no to drugs!” This attempt to help people live positive, drug-free lives has been around since the ’80s. Unfortunately, I hear there is consensus, among those who work with the effects of drug abuse on a daily basis, that too few are saying no to drugs. Heroin use has skyrocketed…and it may surprise some that this abuse is not limited to just desperate folks stuck in rundown urban centers. Some have told me they believe the problem is at epidemic proportions.

Here’s my take on why “Say no to drugs!” has not achieved its intention:
1. As parents, we tell our kids “no” to ensure they understand boundaries, we want them to be safe and healthy. But to be truly successful, we have to also give them “yesses” upon which they might concentrate.
2. As the book “The Secret” told us, using “drugs’ in the title of the slogan oriented our attention on that which we wanted to avoid…a huge “no-no”.

As I have always asked of the people working with me, “don’t just bring me problems, bring your proposed solution as well.” So here’s mine which goes well beyond illicit drug use.

“Say YES to your potential!” Humans have incredible potential. Most of it goes unused, wasted. This is a major aspect of what great leaders do: unlock, engage, and optimize their potential and the potential of those they lead. Try this out. Say it every day – modify it so that you are at first talking to yourself (i.e., “Say YES to my potential!”).

If you need help, find a coach, a really good coach to help you chart your course and then stay on that course. I started Ki Visions with this as a prime goal: developing not just great leaders but really good coaches who could help good people become great leaders. If you need help, please let us know.

Go out there and LIVE a fulfilling life. Make a positive difference in the world. I’m convinced this is possible if you live with an Abundance Mentality, Concentrate on Priorities, & Earnestly Pursue your Purpose with Passion!

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