How Wide is Your Paintbrush?

Paint brush

In our sound-bite world, I’m starting to understand why we have to be more cautious.

I’m a veteran, but since retiring from the Air Force, I have not had much occasion to take advantage of many veteran’s programs. The VA benefit in the news today is healthcare. If a surveyor offered this question, “How would you rate the services provided to our vets via VA medical facilities?” My guess, your answer would be similar to mine, “Since I don’t use those facilities it’s hard for me to say but, from what I read, it appears that our vets are receiving poor medical care and they are the “lucky ones” who are even able to access care.”

I went to a VA Town Hall yesterday due to a non-healthcare related issue. First one I have ever attended. I was amazed. There were a good number of Vets and significant others in attendance. Many had health related questions. The amazing thing: almost to a person (or vet) they thanked the VA representatives for the care they receive. They had highly complementary comments about “this” service or “that” program. I was shocked!

I think this might happen too often. I wonder how many other “institutions” are lambasted for the results of a small percentage of their group? I’m going to try to be more careful. I think I will trade in my wide brush for one that paints a clear picture.

As always, Live with an Abundance Mentality, Concentrate on Priorities, & Earnestly Pursue Your Purpose…with Passion!

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