Thanks General Autery

Today, I am celebrating the 6th anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest leaders I ever knew. Major General Clarence Autery would not be classified in the same category as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, or any number of people who are recognized around the world as great leaders. However, to those of us who were saddled with the incredible responsibility of helping maintain national security as the most flexible portion of the “triad”, he was a true hero. We were tasked, in both hours and use of our skills, at a level well above what our paychecks would imply. There were times under other “leaders” where virtually every crewmember would ask to be “voted off the island” but not when General (then, Colonel) Autery was our Wing Commander. He taught us more about achieving the mission WITH (not just through) the people tasked with accomplishing that mission.
I sure miss that man…I’m glad he was one of my mentors. I hope I can someday be considered as successful as he was and still is…

Thanks, General Autrey. May you rest in peace.

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