What does “taking care of our customers” mean to you?


Sales, customer relationships, etc., are not typical concepts covered in this blog, although they have tangential connection to our leader development process.

My point today actually deals with attitude.

We just celebrated a wonderful event in our family. To do so, we needed the help of some organizations. One item we needed did not work during the celebration. It was a fairly minor item in the scope of the celebration but…the way the organization handled it is…interesting.

Here’s the tangential connection to leadership (it has to do with the culture of our respective organizations): how do you handle circumstances where your customer does what’s asked/expected but you or your product do not?

Here’s a few options: 1) fight with the customer about not following proper procedures as outlined in the contract (font size: reminds me of the bottom of the Willy Wonka contract the Golden Ticket winners had to sign); 2) give the customer their money back, minus a service fee; 3) not only give the customer ALL their money back but offer them a discount on future items

What happens at your company? I guarantee the precedent you set becomes part of your organizational culture. The people who work with/for us absorb “clues” as to how you want customers treated. I am more than happy to let you know which of the 3 options we experienced in this and other situations and the option I demand be used for the extremely rare cases a customer doesn’t believe we exceeded expectations…but…I am more interested in your thoughts on this. Hopefully, it will help you become the best of the best!

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