Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio? Were they just fun to watch or is there something we can learn from them?

Although I love the game of baseball, this post is less about the sport & MUCH more about how we approach life. (Plus, the analogy I’ll share helped me today when coaching a favorite client of mine.) Both the Babe and Joe were incredible ball players. Arguably, more fans know the Babe’s history better than Joltin’ Joe’s. And that’s understandable but I wonder if they know that Joe was “asked” to take a 4-year hiatus from the sport to fight for freedom in World War II. How many more home runs might Joe have hit had Hitler and Tojo “played nice”?

So, the analogy…it’s one I hope to help more people adopt in the remainder of my time on this beautiful planet: swing for the fences! Joe did, the Babe did, and they both made their marks on the history books as a result. But if you’re going to pick a role model, I’d pick Joe. You might argue the Babe hit more home runs! That’s true but he also struck out…a lot! In fact, the Babe almost struck out twice for every home run he hit. Joe, on the other hand, hit a home run just about as often as he struck out.

You’re going to strike out. It’s life…get over it, get back in the batter’s box, learn what works best for you and…swing away!

I hope I get to help you unlock, engage, and optimize your potential so that you, too, make it into the history books. What do you still have inside waiting to come out? I guarantee it’s something grand. We need that contribution. Help make this place we call home so much better!

Until then, live with an Abundance Mentality, Concentrate on Priorities, and Earnestly Pursue your Purpose with Passion!

3 thoughts on “Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio? Were they just fun to watch or is there something we can learn from them?

    • Thanks, Gail. Sometimes, we make life more complex than it has to be…if we accept that we’re going to strike out, we just might hit more home runs…

      Have a great day!

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