The fruits of networking

Is most of your networking geared toward increasing business opportunities? Nothing wrong with that but…

As most of you know, we are strong believers in and help you adopt the “Abundance Mentality” as one means of unlocking your potential. Even with those leader development companies whose customers could be similar to or the same as mine, we live the Abundance Mentality. As long as I believe the other company has good, positive values, I treat them as colleagues, not competitors. The relationships I have formed have truly enhanced my professional life.

Yesterday, through my network, I had an amazing re-connection to someone I haven’t seen since 1988 when we were both working in New Hampshire (FYI – that’s about 500 miles from where I sit today). Strange coincidence? Maybe. What are the odds that we both go our separate ways after ’88, land in the same town a few decades later, and have a mutual acquaintance that re-introduces us? (I had no clue Jose had moved here…)

It’s the power, and in this case the fruit, of establishing a network of people that care about you.

Your call-to-action: expand your understanding of networking to include a perspective of how other people can enrich your life, professional and personal, not just enrich your wallet.

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