Finding our purpose…

Karen Quintos, Dell CMO, offered this quote recently: “Find and follow your purpose – it is an excellent compass for your career and your life.”

I think she has captured the essence of what is missing in so many people – a sense of purpose that can drive incredible accomplishments.

Do you know your purpose?

A tragic situation allowed me to realize my purpose many years ago. I’ll tell the story sometime. I call it, “He didn’t get to say goodbye…”

Although what I do on a daily basis has changed a few times in the 40+ years since I had that epiphany, the basis to the idea has stood the test of time.

How about you? What’s your “calling”? Please comment and let me also know how you derived your answer. If you are “stuck” in search mode, that’s ok too. Together, I bet we can figure out how to help you “Soar”!

This is one of the many things we do at Ki Visions in our quest to help good people become great leaders…so they can unlock, engage, & optimize the potential in those they lead.