Have your challenges been great enough to unlock your potential?

It is unnatural for humans, in our current condition, to search out what we might call unnecessary risks – BUT – I firmly believe that the people who fully unlock their potential do so not by being forced to sit on a beach all day but by the trials and tribulations that mold them into the incredible success stories they become. Today – Aug 18 – is a significant day for all of us who have had the opportunity to “slip the surly bonds” – for it was on this day that 19 year old John Gillespie Magee, Jr. began to write the famous poem, High Flight. He was stationed as a Spitfire pilot near Lincolnshire, England in 1941. Hmmm…a poet and a WW2 fighter pilot…strange combination, eh? I don’t think so…I think it is one of the greatest stories that show we each have a purpose that might seem to be at odds with our passions. Having never met John, I can only surmise why he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force – why he took the risk – WW2 was raging across Europe – he had the easy way out in front of him – he had a scholarship to Yale that he turned down. I doubt he had a vision that flying against the Luftwaffe would further his writing capability…but he did it anyway. Having felt it myself, I assume he felt called to serve during those troubled times. Being willing to throw himself around the sky in a motorized tin can implies he went “all in”; he accepted a grave duty which likely opened his eyes to the magic and mystery of flight. I believe it was the challenges he faced that helped him craft that time honored poetic celebration of the victory of humans over those surly bonds that hold us on the ground.

I know many who don’t accept current risks or their purpose – they often believe they have plenty of time for the serious business of life…well… 3 months later, yes, just 3 months after he finished the poem – he was gone – it was a tragic training accident – as all of us who fly do, he knew the risks – but he did it anyway.

What challenges should you accept? What challenges will help mold you into the leader you are intended to be?

Go here to see one of my favorite renditions of the poem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qqVRBZO5gc

I hope it inspires you to accept the challenges that come your way and you, too, unlock your potential and achieve great success. If you want help along the way, all you have to do is follow us – we’ll show you the way to your dreams.

Until next time, live with an Abundance mentality, Concentrate on priorities, and Earnestly pursue your purpose with passion!