Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio? Were they just fun to watch or is there something we can learn from them?

Although I love the game of baseball, this post is less about the sport & MUCH more about how we approach life. (Plus, the analogy I’ll share helped me today when coaching a favorite client of mine.) Both the Babe and Joe were incredible ball players. Arguably, more fans know the Babe’s history better than Joltin’ Joe’s. And that’s understandable but I wonder if they know that Joe was “asked” to take a 4-year hiatus from the sport to fight for freedom in World War II. How many more home runs might Joe have hit had Hitler and Tojo “played nice”?

So, the analogy…it’s one I hope to help more people adopt in the remainder of my time on this beautiful planet: swing for the fences! Joe did, the Babe did, and they both made their marks on the history books as a result. But if you’re going to pick a role model, I’d pick Joe. You might argue the Babe hit more home runs! That’s true but he also struck out…a lot! In fact, the Babe almost struck out twice for every home run he hit. Joe, on the other hand, hit a home run just about as often as he struck out.

You’re going to strike out. It’s life…get over it, get back in the batter’s box, learn what works best for you and…swing away!

I hope I get to help you unlock, engage, and optimize your potential so that you, too, make it into the history books. What do you still have inside waiting to come out? I guarantee it’s something grand. We need that contribution. Help make this place we call home so much better!

Until then, live with an Abundance Mentality, Concentrate on Priorities, and Earnestly Pursue your Purpose with Passion!

The fruits of networking

Is most of your networking geared toward increasing business opportunities? Nothing wrong with that but…

As most of you know, we are strong believers in and help you adopt the “Abundance Mentality” as one means of unlocking your potential. Even with those leader development companies whose customers could be similar to or the same as mine, we live the Abundance Mentality. As long as I believe the other company has good, positive values, I treat them as colleagues, not competitors. The relationships I have formed have truly enhanced my professional life.

Yesterday, through my network, I had an amazing re-connection to someone I haven’t seen since 1988 when we were both working in New Hampshire (FYI – that’s about 500 miles from where I sit today). Strange coincidence? Maybe. What are the odds that we both go our separate ways after ’88, land in the same town a few decades later, and have a mutual acquaintance that re-introduces us? (I had no clue Jose had moved here…)

It’s the power, and in this case the fruit, of establishing a network of people that care about you.

Your call-to-action: expand your understanding of networking to include a perspective of how other people can enrich your life, professional and personal, not just enrich your wallet.

What seeds are you planting?

I’ve been so fortunate. Being taught the gift of reading and cultivating the skill of observing (a form of listening), I have been exposed to countless “mentors” along the way. One I really enjoy is Earl Nightingale. One of his gifts: “The Strangest Secret”. Within, he helped reinforce the “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” concept. It helped me realize that I, too, have become a farmer of sorts. It is my intent to plant the seeds that will ultimately help millions unlock, engage, and optimize their potential.

Earl’s basic message centered on our ability to determine the type of “seed” we plant in our minds: positive seeds yield positive outcomes; the converse is also true. Some offer that since we aren’t in control of much other than our own activities, not all positive seeds yield positive outcomes. Well, that’s true, but we are in control of how we respond to all situations.

My advice: even in what may appear to be negative situations, attempt to find the lesson to be learned. Even in dire circumstances, we can often find a light that helps us Grow Forward.

My hope: in this next week, you look for that “silver lining” in all clouds you encounter. Let me know how you dealt with them and how you are stronger as a result.

Until then, live with an Abundance Mentality, Concentrate on Priorities, and Earnestly pursue your Purpose with passion!

Nobody cares!

How frustrated are you? Do you get the feeling that no one cares anymore?

My commitment to our Ki Visions Leader Development Process has helped me approach life from a more positive attitude. I look for examples of the Abundance Mentality wherever I go.

I had an instance recently I feel is worth sharing with you.

I was dependent upon a bureaucrat for something I wanted to do for my Dad (he’s 91 and doing really well, considering, but I still like to do things for him to ensure whatever time he has left with us is memorable). Maintaining control over my frustration, I worked with this bureaucrat as best I could.

Along comes another customer. Her name is Joyce. I had never met her before. The bureaucrat required something of me I did not have. But Joyce did. Now, Joyce could have easily just stood in line. In fact, her “turn” would likely have come up more quickly if she had just kept quiet. But, she offered to help. She had the solution I was looking for and reluctantly the bureaucrat acceded to my request.

Thanks, Joyce. Not just for helping me out but proving that there are folks out there who do care. It gives us hope that the human race can still work together to increase Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity.

I hope you chose to be part of this team. I know Joyce’s act makes it more likely that I will try to help someone the next chance I get.

Remember: live with an Abundance Mentality, Concentrate on Priorities, and Earnestly Pursue your Purpose…with Passion!

Faith in humanity – do you have any left?

There is so much wrong in the world: hate, violence, destruction, indifference…

There is also so much right in the world. I think it starts with a belief in the Abundance Mentality (vs. scarcity…). It is the way to go through our days. Let’s face it, we are all in this together. If we work to craft a truly unifying vision (that doesn’t necessarily mean we tolerate all behaviors…) and work to bring that vision to reality, the world will be a better place. When we find ourselves on this path, it is a beautiful thing. That doesn’t mean it will be easy. Just ask Ghandi, Dr. King, Mother Theresa, and thousands of other true leaders who had the guts and the fortitude to do the right thing in the face of danger and criticism. There are many lesser known but very important leaders like Branch Rickey – one of my personal favorites.

Then there are those true leaders we meet everyday…like the lady that helped me out this morning. It was a simple, insignificant-to-the-world event but still, I had my faith in humanity restored once again. My Dad is 91. Using the GI Bill benefit he earned as a Marine in World War II, he graduated from the University of Buffalo with a degree in accounting. They didn’t have a football team back then but they do today. He has never seen them play. We decided to give Dad a treat. I went to purchase tickets at the Penn State Ticket Office this morning. The clerk explained that since I was not a member of the Nittany Lion Club, I would have to pay the “premium” price. A lady whom I have never seen or met before this morning offered to use her Club membership to help me out. The difference in price was huge! Why would she do that? She wasn’t guaranteed credit or other external reward. She could have easily just waited her turn and conducted her business but, no…she saw an opportunity to help a fellow human being…AND SHE TOOK IT!

This is the reality of the Abundance Mentality – we don’t need to be a Dr. King to make a positive difference in the world. We simply need to be open to the opportunities to help others.

Not that I ever lost faith, I really believe in humans or I wouldn’t waste my time helping good people become great leaders…that would be a wasted effort.

Together, we can solve the problems of the world. We can make things better. It just takes each of us to recognize an opportunity and have the willingness to stand up and say “I’ll help.”

I’m going to spend the rest of my day with my eyes open for an opportunity…how about you?