S.L.A.M. – how many of the roles do you “play” well?

Our last post asked you to attempt to identify the 4 primary roles “played” by people in positions of authority (i.e., bosses).

Many new bosses tell me they aren’t sure if they made the right decision (i.e., to go to college, spend all that money, have an incredible debt burden, and constantly feel like they are slammed). I feel their pain! I was in their shoes many years ago.

I could throw my arm around their shoulders and claim, “it will be ok” but it is my nature to coach and so I typically reply, “Do you know what’s causing the problem so we can begin to fix it?” Many of these new bosses look at me quizzically and respond, “I see so many people in a similar state I just assumed this is the way life was going to be. Are you telling me it can be better?”

I think there is a direct correlation between so many bosses and the zombie craze on TV. The “virus” that has caused this state of shattered dreams and fatalistic attitudes is spreading. I’ll share the beginning of a secret our clients get in full: life can be wonderfully invigorating.

Once I know what my new clients do (i.e., the technical aspects of their job) I ask them to identify the 4 roles of people like them who are in positions of authority (i.e., bosses). Usually they begin to recite their job description (some of the really important stuff just isn’t taught in college…). I help them realize they have been S.L.A.M.’ed.

The four primary roles of the boss are fairly simple yet distinct:

Your quest for the week: join the discussion by using a short answer to describe the basic components of each role. Have the guts to post your inputs to the Better Bosses Blog. You and I may disagree on our answers, but you will grow in time and “Become the Boss You Always Wanted” (http://booklocker.com/books/4915.html).

Until the next post, think about how you can grow by adopting the meaning of this quote: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Your Leader Coach,

Ken Pasch, CHE, CLdrC
President, Ki Visions, Inc.